Catching the Wedding Bouquet

A western wedding ritual is the bride throwing her bouquet to the unmarried women in attendance. According to legend, the woman who catches the bouquet is the next one to get married. However, sometimes the ritual doesn't quite go as planned...

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Catching the Wedding Bouquet

You are at the wedding. You are a total Diva: the best dress, a perfect hairdo, and you fall in love with an invited guest... You exchange secret looks and glances the entire night. On the dance floor he's by your side constantly, and he dances divinely. It is clear to everyone that you are "the couple of the evening".

The anticipated moment has arrived for all single women. The bride is about to throw the bouquet. You are first in line. Strategically positioned, you wait for the right moment.

Meanwhile, you look at him sensually, and with your eyes you tell him "If I catch the bouquet I WILL MARRY YOU." And then, the moment you've been waiting for. The bride throws the bouquet. He doesn't stop looking at you. You jump like never before to catch the bouquet your arms stretched out your hands open and suddenly...

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Photo of woman catching the wedding bouquet as her dress falls and exposes her breasts