Blogs, Weblogs and Language and Translation

Surfing static pages on the web is perhaps not the best source for current information. To get the latest and greatest, check out the blogs of translators, localizers, and others in the globalization industry. It's an exercise in non-linear thinking, but thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating. Here are a few to get you started. My thanks to the Enigmatic Mermaid (formerly for the wake-up call!

Note: Some of these are slow to load....

Note 2 2009-06-20: Finally cleaned out a number of dead links. I'll add in some new material shortly. It is funny though to read again that bottom section announcing blogs were being noticed by the media in 2002. We take them for granted now, and perhaps they are even being replaced by tweets and other media. So it goes.

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to I18nGuy Home Page
I18n Guy, your I18n advisor I18nGuy's Blog
Common Sense Advisory's GlobalWatchtower
Globalizing ColdFusionMX For techies. It's about Internationalization
Sorting It All Out (Microsoft's Michael Kaplan's I18n Musings)
ConceptBlog Nice programming blog with occasional multilingual programming stuff!
Richard Ishida's Blog
Open Brackets - Lost in Translation
Global by Design (John Yunker)
Multilingual Communication
Blue Silk Consulting : Global Supply Chains
Digital Medievalist

Other good language stuff!

Boston University's Linguistics in the News
World Wide Words (British English)
A Word A Day (awad) (American English)
Jim Breen's Japanese page
The Word Spy
Australian People

Seven of Nine What are people saying about blogs and bloggers?
Try: Wired news, 2002-12-23: Blogs Make the Headlines.

The Borg Locutus It's not about language blogs, just blogs in general and their impact on journalism, but I liked the article and heck anything that references Star Trek's Borg (or Seven of Nine) is good for me! Borg Journalism (Link is gonzo!)